New Year, New Post

Happy New Year!

As there are two people who follow me, only a couple will be confused when they see my name pop up in their feed. Greetings!

For everyone else in the ether who may stumble across this post, also Greetings!

Heather and i have been evaluating where we’re at and where we want to be. Some (Ha!) of my life goals aren’t simply going to happen due to good fortune. They will require commitment, persistence, and hard work that accomplishes steps along the way towards that goal. Practically, I simply need to start writing. Serious stuff. Nonsense. Theology. Fiction. Personal thoughts. Anything and everything. It is now Jan 1 – that perennial date to start NOT doing something new. Like so many sheep, I will make a New Year’s resolution: In 2017 I will post thrice weekly on my blog in the hopes of fueling book writing, published journal articles, and/or making somebody feel better. 2017, you’re on notice, and I’ll be letting everyone know about it. Like so few black sheep, I will buck the trend and make something happen that is out of the ordinary. May it be so! (Lord, give me strength.)


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