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I’m a journeyman. I have no idea where my journey will take me, but it is on this road that I continue to find joy. Following the North Star of my God I am attempting to be the best man I can be with the time I have on this earth.

Come trials, come storms, come temptations great and small… I may falter, but onward will I press. These are my trials of joy.

My Family


(From left to right: Jeff (Me), Heather, Jakob)

I find myself a nomad of sorts. Although there are plenty of places I could thrive in the professional world, being a substitute teacher, stay-at-home dad, and research assistant for my wife has offered considerably more enlightenment and fulfillment in my life than I can remember experiencing for a long time. Working as a pastor for over 11 years has been one of the hardest yet most joy-filled things I could do with my life. Spending three years as a truck driver delivering campers gave me new insights into relating to people and submitting to a Divine will outside my own. Some may say I’m in the desert. To them I say you have no concept of the very sweet oasis to which God has brought me.

Currently I serve as an Ordained Minister in The Wesleyan Church on loan to the United Methodist Church as the Student Ministries Director at Hanfield UMC.

God is not done with me. The world has yet more to offer. The destination has not been reached. I journey ever onward and upward.


To book Jeff for speaking engagements, spiritual retreats, or camp evangelism, please fill out the form below.

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