A New Day Part 1

Random Screenshot from Google Images.

Random Screenshot from Google Images.

**Minecraft is my son’s favorite game. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, obviously, but it’s high time I start writing again. Wouldn’t you know it I sat down and had massive writer’s block!! Making a bit of a Minecraft fan-fiction based on some of Jakob and I’s adventures in Minecraft became the solution to bust right through this writer’s block… even if it may not have been the best use of my writing day. At the very least, I know what we’ll use for our bedtime story tonight. ENJOY!**

A New Day Part 1

A New Day

Mountains of blocks extend into the distance promising riches to any adventurer brave enough to scale those jagged peaks. The nearest one has a waterfall that runs into a stream flowing cheerily alongside the spawn point. Cows and pigs swim and drink from the stream, while a squid lazes about in the shallows. Birds sing in the nearby trees, and sunny anticipation swells the heart of two new explorers that have just popped into the land.

Papa looks at Master Jakob with a question on his face. “Which way should we go?”

“I don’t know, Papa. But let’s start chopping down some trees so that we can make some tools and weapons.”

“Good thing we’re right by a forest!”

Each one walks up to a tree and begins punching out the block nearest to them. Then the one above it, and the one above it. Within seconds they have each felled their trees and collected the saplings that have fallen from the leaves. After planting the saplings (because replenishing materials is as replenishing materials does) they split up.

Jakob begins the laborious task of turning raw chunks of oak wood into oak planks and then some of those into sticks. “Is it two blocks on top of each other for sticks? Or beside each other, Papa?”

“The second option would make buttons instead of sticks.” While talking Papa slips in some mud and falls in the water. Spluttering he hollers back, “We want them on top of each other!”

“Ok… but why don’t these crafting tables come with a recipe book or something?”

While he’s working on getting that wood into weapons and tools, Papa is still messing around in the mud trying to chase pigs around the edge of the lake. “Come back here!” Then, to no one in particular, “Why does bacon have to run so quick?!”

Apparently Jakob is done with the tools, because Papa turns around to see Jakob standing on a pile of pork chops with a wooden sword in his hand. “You know, just about anything is better than your fist when you’re trying to get dinner.”

“Yeah, yeah… showoff. Give me one of those, please.”

Seemingly from nowhere Jakob produces a sword on the ground in front of Papa. In quick succession that’s followed by a pickaxe, a shovel, an axe, and a hoe along with another crafting table. “Wow, Jake, you really outdid yourself.”

“Well, I saw a lot of videos on YouTube about surviving the first day. There’s no time for swimming. Now that we have these tools we need to go get enough stone for a furnace to cook our dinner, some wool for beds, and maybe even some coal to cook with. I already got some more wood to make charcoal in case we don’t find any.”

“Man! I was even a boy scout and you’re more prepared than me! Sheesh!”


With swords at the ready they head off towards the head of the stream and the waterfall. “Master Jakob, I think we can probably swim up to the top of the mountain on this waterfall. Maybe we’ll see some exposed coal up there. At the very least there’s enough open rock to begin digging out some cobblestone for a house.”

“Great idea!”

Maybe the unintentional practice from chasing the pigs and falling in the stream helped, but it turns out Papa was the better swimmer. At the very least, he was trying harder. “Papa, look! Whheeeeeeee!” After a lot of splishing and splooshing there was a great big splash at the bottom of the waterfall. Jakob’s head came back into view as he yelled up to the top of mountain, “It’s like a giant waterslide! Give it a shot!”

“What happened to that day one stuff??”

“Oh yeah! I’m coming!”

By the time Jakob scales the top of the mountain Papa already has a layer of cobblestone in a ten by ten square leveled off. “I think this is a pretty good size for our house, especially once we go down a couple more layers, but I haven’t found any coal yet.”

“Maybe I should go look for sheep so we can make some beds, and I’ll see if I can find some coal along the way.”

Papa’s face peeks up over the lip of the house foundation. “Capital idea, my son. Good luck!” With that he disappears in the soon-to-be-basement of the house so the only way Jakob knows he is there is the repeated *chink chink* of his pickaxe.

“Don’t go too deep, Papa.” Muttering to himself he turns and heads towards the foothills on the backside of the mountain. Now where would I be if I were a sheep?

He sees another pool of water on this side of mountain and begins heading down to it in case those little wool-factories are getting a drink. On his way towards it his blood goes cold because he hears the deep-throated gurgle of a zombie somewhere nearby. He quickly rotates on his x-axis and finds the coast is clear, but he isn’t free from worry. With a glance up at the position of the sun (Still high, must be about six minutes left in the day), he trots along a little more quickly to the pool of water. Hopefully I left that guy behind…

Luckily the sound of the trickle of water is getting louder and the zombie’s gurgly growl is getting more distant. Sadly, the only animal sounds are coming from the few chicken-ducks that are flopping around the small pool. No bleats here. After filling his inventory with a small stack of chickens he looks off in the distance. It could be snow on a treetop over yonder, but it’s the whitest thing he sees around him. Here goes nothing.

After what seems like too long some bleating finally reaches Jakob’s ears, but the rumbles of a wolf quickly follow. Great! No bones to make it a dog, and no wool if he eats the sheep! He begins sprinting and is just in time to see the fallen sheep pop out of existence, but luckily it left one lonely little cube of wool floating above the ground. The criminal wolf turns its head to Jakob with its tongue lolling like nothing happened. “Listen Wolf, don’t look at me like me like that. If I had a bone you’d already have it.”

Just then another bleat hits his ears and he and the wolf look at each other as though they’re about to begin a race with each other. And they’re off! Jakob begins sprinting, but he can’t outrun the four legged predator. By the time he catches up to it there is only one more floating bit of wool left on the ground. In his frustration he swings his fist at the dog and mistakenly connects… “Oh NO!!!”

Jakob begins sprinting back towards the mountain and the house that Papa should have mostly finished by now, but not before the red eyes of the angry wolf fixate on his back. Pretty soon his vision flashes red as he loses a chicken leg off of his food counter, but it happens again and again. “PAPA!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!”

His lone voice echoes off the mountains and valleys all around him, but nobody witnesses the wolf defeating him. His vision turns black for a moment, and then the first twinkling stars are in his eyes as he spawns again facing the east.

“Jakob!? What are you doing here?”

Papa’s voice calls out from up above Jakob’s spawn point. He turns and looks up at his Papa on a stack of dirt cubes about twelve blocks high. “Me? What are you doing here? I thought you’d already have the house built and the top of the mountain lit up.”

“Well, it is. Look up there,” Papa replies.

From the spawn point Jake turns and sees a glow emanating from the top of the mountain. “Sheesh! Was that about twenty torches or so?”

“Probably. Maybe more.”

“But then why are you down here,” Jakob implores. “What about all of our stuff?”

Papa took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I got the house all built, as well as a couple of furnaces. I also found a small pocket of coal to start cooking our pork while I worked. After lighting up the top of the mountain and the in and outside of the house I went back down to the basement where the coal was and started building steps down into the mountain thinking I might find some more coal or even some iron. I made a rookie mistake and was cutting out some steps directly underneath me at one point when the floor fell away and I found myself in a pitch black room. I quickly threw down some torches to get some light, but I must have been right by a zombie spawner because they surrounded me. Next thing I knew I was back here on the shore. I didn’t think there was enough time to make more tools and head up to the house, so I just dug out some dirt and made a tower to sit out the night.”

“Oh… well I made a wolf mad when I was looking for sheep. That’s how I ended up here. Do you have any more dirt?” Jakob asks?

“Yep, get up here,” Papa says as he tosses down a partial stack.

Jake comes up level with Papa and they hug each other. “Papa, I guess there’s nothing to do but wait for the sun.”